Plant care tips

Did you know?

Plants & Pests

If you have plants, you will surely encounter pests partying on your plants sooner or later. Learn how to prevent and control infestations.

Composting 101

Find out all about what makes good soil great.


Why are the leaves on my plants turning yellow? Is my plant dying?

Pets and Plants

Suggestions for non-toxic plants for curious pets.

Food and Fertilizer

Learn about the basics of food vs fertilizer.

Plants for Beginners

Our top 5 recommended low-maintenance plants.

Winters Blues... and Greens

Tips and tricks for helping your houseplants through Winter.

Humidity for Houseplants

How much humidity to my plants need?

Christmas Cactus Confusion

Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. How to tell the difference between your cacti.

Rain Water v. Tap Water

Learn what type of water is right for your houseplants.

Natures Good Bugs

All about our friend, the Ladybug.

Plants Clean the Air

Houseplants are exceptional air cleaners exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen, but some filter air pollutants better than others.